Teacher Apple

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Teacher Apple

Teacher's play a very special part in your child's life! That person deserves a very special gift and this design will surely brighten their day. 

  • 19"h
  • 1/4" thick (+\- .05)
  • unfinished
  • Can be stained or painted
  • Baltic Birch 
  • Seal with Spar Urethane; if exposed to the elements

 All products are cut in-house. We use high quality Baltic Birch plywood on all our wood cut outs.
This item is laser cut. This process leaves the edges charred.
There may be soot marks from the cutting process. A light sanding can remove these marks.
We sand all wood items; however, a light sanding may be needed.
We like custom orders and would love to make something for your business or home.