Joshua 1:9 Ornament

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Joshua 1:9 Ornament

The Joshua 1:9 ornament makes a great gift idea for all occasions.
Hang on your Christmas Tree, rear view mirror or use as an embellishment

**Note- This is engraved on solid maple. Due to the natural differences in
wood, your item may vary from the product picture.


  • 4.2in tall x 3.2in wide 1/4in thick
  • Engraved and laser cut from solid maple
  • Item has dark edges from laser cutting process

Item will be unfinished so you can decorate to your liking.
A light sanding may be needed prior to staining or painting.
If placing outdoors it is highly recommended to use an
outdoor paint or a stain that has a sealant or use a polyurethane to seal.