3 Letter Monogram Circle

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3 Letter Monogram Circle

3 letter circle monogram.

The 3 Letter monogram with vine font is a perfect gift for any occasion or room decor.

**Please pay careful attention to the ordering instructions below, to ensure that you order the design desired. 

** If tabs are chosen, Placement will vary in location and length depending on letters chosen

  • 23" diameter when spaced properly, with or without tabs.
  • Unfinished
  • 1/2in thick (+\- .05)
  • Baltic Birch
  • Can be stained or Painted
  • Seal with Spar Urethane if exposed to the elements

Please place initials in the order that you would like them to be cut. As you WILL receive the design in the order that you place the letters.
Usual order for a 3 letter monogram is first initial, last initial, middle initial(example: Sally May Jones = SJM)
We do sand each item: however, a light sanding may be needed.
All products are cut in-house. We use high quality Baltic birch plywood on all our wood cutouts.
Spar urethane can be purchased at your local home improvement store.
We like custom orders and would love to make something for your business or home.